To be announced on Thursday 18th August 2022

Apprenticeship Development of the Year

Babcock International

Babcock International is an aerospace, defence and security company with a proud history of apprenticeship programmes. Viewing apprenticeships as a key part of the business’ future, Babcock works to support them both academically and personally - creating a bespoke apprenticeship development programme with resources and planning tools designed to help apprentices maintain their physical, mental and social health. In doing so, Babcock hopes to provide the support needed for each apprentice’s career to truly flourish.

Plymouth Community Homes

Plymouth Community Homes (PCH) is a social housing association, and one of the largest in Plymouth - overseeing more than 16,000 properties. PCH has a well-cemented apprenticeship programme - having taken on 73 apprentices since 2017. The business runs a thorough recruitment process to ensure that an apprenticeship will be able to produce a partnership that is truly beneficial for both business and learner - with many apprentices going on to have fruitful careers at PCH.

Ventro Group

Ventro Group is a business specialising in the installation, maintenance and auditing of passive fire safety equipment - working to raise awareness and keep people safe from risk of fire. Partnering with Plymouth City College and Skills Group, Ventro has run an apprenticeship programme dedicated to providing opportunities for young people. Many apprentices kick start their careers at Ventro, gaining invaluable skills and experience with the support of the business.

Built Environment and Infrastructure Award

Plymouth Community Homes

Plymouth Community Homes (PCH) is one of Plymouth’s largest housing associations - overseeing residential and commercial properties across the city. PCH is committed to improving its properties - investing £19m in maintaining and improving its residences over the last year. PCH also strives to benefit communities, spending £700,000 on community projects - alongside remodelling and landscaping community spaces, and creating new play areas and green spaces in locations across the city.

Stride Treglown Ltd

Stride Treglown is an employee-owned architectural, interior and urban design, and town planning company that has been a part of Plymouth since 1979. Recently, Stride Teglown has taken up the vital topic of how the construction industry can be more environmentally friendly. The business set up “The Future Plymouth 2030 - an educational platform designed to educate people on the need for sustainable construction, and spark conversation across the industry on how this can be done

YGS Landscapes

YGS is a landscaping company that is fiercely committed to making Plymouth an environment in which people can flourish, and which is fit for future generations. The business has been involved in several green projects - including the planting of 70 trees and 200m2 of wildflower meadow on Marsh Mill Roundabout, and the creation of Sherford’s 380m long living wall. YGS is also working on planting micro forests in Plymouth’s schools - to improve air quality and increase biodiversity.

Corporate Social Responsibility Award

Peninsula Dental Social Enterprise CIC

Peninsula Dental Social Enterprise CIC (PDSE) is a dental practice that centres everything it does around helping its communities. The practice works to ensure access to dental care for everyone - with a focus on groups who may be in extra need like school children, the elderly, asylum seekers, people experiencing homelesssness, or anybody who might require additional support. PDSE also takes its practitioners and students out into the community, to build stronger relationships with the people they will be treating.

Plymouth Argyle Football Club

With lockdown in effect and games on pause, Plymouth Argyle Football Club turned its attention to how it could help people in need during the pandemic. Partnering with Ginsters, the club launched Project 35, dedicated to raising awareness of poverty in Plymouth and driving change. The club also made its grounds available as a vaccination site - as well as delivering 6000 packs of food and supplies to families, and delivering learn and play packs to local schools among numerous other projects.

Sir Fix-a-lock Ltd

Sir Fix-a-lock Ltd is a local, independent locksmith based in Plymouth. The business is firmly committed to serving the community - having raised almost £80,000 for local charities, through fundraising methods like charity balls - one of which raised £36,000 alone. Sir Fix-a-Lock is also a very environmentally-conscious business - investing £95,000 in the last year alone towards operating in a greener way, and committing to electric vehicles that will help make its work emissions fre

Diversity & Inclusion Award

DBI Diversity Business Incubatir

Diversity Business Incubator is an organisation that dedicates itself to recognising and promoting excellence in Plymouth’s BAME community - as well as nationally and internationally. The business aims to harness the potential of Plymouth’s business community, and help make it a more diverse and thriving community - helping individuals from BME backgrounds (though not exclusively) develop their ideas into successful businesses. This is accomplished through a variety of business support services - including peer-to-peer business development plans, and start-up taster days.

First Class Support

Founded in 2015, First Class Support is a business that provides support services across a range of fields. The business puts equality, inclusion and diversity at the heart of all it does - providing training and support to businesses and educational institutions that helps them be truly inclusive and diverse institutions. FCS is itself a disability confident employer - working to ensure that its workforce is inclusive and that all staff are regularly given training and progression opportunities.

Vistry Partnerships South West

Vistry Partnerships South West is a provider of affordable homes - working with public and private institutions to build sustainable communities. The ethos of revitalising communities with care and integrity extends to Vistry Partnerships itself - as the business works to ensure it is a truly inclusive employer. The business provides D&I training to all employees, and runs four internal networks - Pride, Race and Religion, Accessibility Allies and the Women’s Network - to ensure open and transparent communication on how the business can properly deliver inclusivity.

Environmental Success Award

Plymouth Argyle Football Club

Plymouth Argyle FC is dedicated to being a force for change in football - and the wider community - and one of its key focuses is a dedication to sustainability. In 2022, the club released its first Energy and Environmental Plan - aimed at getting the club to net zero. This has included switching the lighting system at Home Park to more efficient LED lights, eliminating single-use plastic cups, and adding solar panels to the Mayflower Grandstand among other measures

Pollenize CIC

Founded in 2018, Pollenize CIC is an organisation that seeks to fight pollinator decline in Plymouth and across the UK. This has included the hosting of a mass sowing event - which saw thousands of children planting wildflowers - alongside a collaboration with Vistry Partnerships to provide new residents with wildflower seeds, thus increasing the biodiversity of urban areas. Pollenize has also worked with Plymouth organisations by getting them to host their AI research beehives - increasing their understanding of pollinators.

University of Plymouth

As an educational institution, the University of Plymouth has committed itself to sustainability in a variety of ways. The university has supported the refitting of two maritime vessels from diesel to electric power, and helped set up the Marine E-Charging Living Lab - a project in partnership with several organisations to create vital shore-side charging facilities for electric maritime vessels. This important work could help Plymouth’s ports de-carbonise, as well as ports up and down the country.

Innovation Award

Silverstream TV Ltd

Silverstream TV ltd is a creative technology company that was forced to drastically change its work to survive during the pandemic. The business transformed its offices into a live transmission centre - with 30 transmission galleries that can livestream simultaneously. Developing virtual studios with software to make events interactive, Silverstream was able to give clients the ability to hold engaging virtual events during a time when in-person events were impossible - producing 237 virtual events in 2021 alone.

Skills Launchpad Plymouth

Skills Launchpad Plymouth is a company with the goal of rectifying current skills shortages, through the effective and comprehensive provision of skills and job support for people all across Plymouth. In partnership with a wide range of organisations across Plymouth, Skills Launchpad runs both a youth and adult skills hub - providing a one-stop skills hub that connects the private, public and voluntary sectors to help people develop skills and find employment.


SobeyFitness is a fitness, health and wellbeing business that operates an online and in-person platform dedicated to helping people improve their physical health. During the pandemic SobeyFitness directed its attention to its online platform - offering sessions online while also working to build a community. When lockdown ended, SobeyFitness was able to offer a hybrid service, delivering sessions in person and online at the same time.

Manufacturing Business of the Year

Alderman Tooling Ltd

Following investment and growth since being founded in 1969, Alderman Tooling offers bespoke metal fabrication services which are a key part in the manufacturing process. Employing 48 staff from the Plymouth area, the family-owned business has fostered a community which embraces high standards and customer loyalty. Alderman Tooling is currently at a record-high turnover due to its innovative services which few can rival.

Devon Wick Candle Co. Ltd

Devon Wick Candle Co. is a home fragrance company started by a young Plymouth-born couple which was propelled to success during 2020. Following its growth, it has moved into a 10,000sq ft unit and employs more than 14 Plymouth residents. Committed to becoming more sustainably conscious throughout its growth, the company is trying to be as plastic-free as possible.

Drayton Controls

Drayton Controls has developed some of the most recognisable products in the heating industry. In the past 15 years alone, more than 78million products have been designed and built by Drayton Controls in its production plant in Plymouth by its 240 skilled employees. Every month, more than 250,000 controls are fitted from nearly 30 product ranges, as well as constant expansion into sustainable and smart technology.

SME Business of the Year

SMAS Worksafe

SMAS Worksafe started as a local, family-run business focusing on providing health and safety assessments in the construction industry. It has since grown to become a national leader in the field and also provides full-form Safety Schemes in Procurement. The business assesses and accredits more than 13,000 companies a year and represents more than 45 large construction clients. It is currently expanding its full suite of safety management tools.

The Depo Venue

The Depo Venue is an independent music venue in the heart of Plymouth. Keeping music culture alive, it has gone to the forefront of Plymouth’s nightlife scene and has held a range of high-profile acts. Expansion is planned to not only diversify the acts performing and bring more people from across the country to The Depo, but there are also plans to construct a second room to add more capacity.

The iOutlet

The iOutlet is an award-winning multi-channel retailer and wholesaler of refurbished and pre-owned consumer electronics. Nearly 10 years old, the company has grown at an exponential rate and has more than 30 local staff members, two stores and a 14,000sq ft headquarters. Challenging large competitors, The iOutlet offers an intuitive, seamless customer experience which is reflected in its ever-growing turnover.

First Class Support

First Class Support works with a variety of organisations and institutions to provide academic, employment, healthcare and advocacy support. On a one-to-one basis and through training opportunities, it delivers invaluable help to individuals with disabilities. The company has been able to expand nationwide to further promote inclusivity and diversity, with more than 800 staff members providing support to more than 2,500 individuals.

Social Enterprise Award

Our Plymouth CIC

Our Plymouth CIC was set up to deploy a digital platform that is able to empower and encourage volunteering and facilitate an online space where individuals and communities can collaborate. Operational for four years, it has initiated some ground-breaking technology to recruit, induct and deploy volunteers in Plymouth. The help from Our Plymouth was vital in the Covid-19 vaccination programme, as well as the extra volunteering it organised throughout the pandemic.

Peninsula Dental Social Enterprise CIC

Peninsula Dental Social Enterprise CIC is shaping new ways of providing dentistry to those most in need. The innovative service brings oral healthcare directly into the community by offering education, awareness and treatment in its dental education facilities. Plymouth University students treat NHS patients under the supervision of qualified dental health professionals, and in 2020/21, more than 5,100 patients were treated with more than 22,400 appointments attended.

Sentinel Private Healthcare

Sentinel Private Healthcare gives 100% of its profits to the NHS. Established in 2016, it offers affordable treatment for the removal of harmless skin lesions as part of the Sentinel Health and Wellbeing organisation. With three clinics and more on the horizon, the organisation is accessible for all with its competitive prices which are up to 50% less than private healthcare providers.

Stiltskin's Soapbox Children's Theatre

Stiltskin's Soapbox Children's Theatre believes every child and young person should have the opportunity to access the arts, whatever their background. It creates indoor and outdoor products and events that are relevant, diverse and innovative to tell cultural stories, traditional folk tales and newly written stories for everyone to enjoy. Offering educational and creative workshops, work experience and environmental activities, the organisation truly helps the community’s wellbeing.

Start-up Business of the Year

Eco-Plug LTD

Eco-Plug is a renewable energy company which offers an e-commerce style store so that customers can get the best deal without pushy sales tactics. Eco-Plug sells solar PV, battery storage systems, EV points and more. It aims to bring transparency back into the industry and put the power in the consumers hands, offering fixed prices so that customers can access renewable energy products easily.

ME Contracting Ltd

ME Contracting was established with the values to maintain a customer-focused approach which sees the local community, economy and environment taking priority over all other needs of the business. With a focus on Public Sector works, ME Contracting has been very successful within its first year, securing big contracts to identify, secur and deliver sustainable business opportunities in a safe and efficient manner.

Oxford House Creative Hub

Oxford House Creative Hub is an inclusive and open community building containing both Exim Dance and Rhythm City’s daily dance and wellbeing programmes. It engages vulnerable and minority groups and supports Plymouth artists by providing a safe, welcoming environment to flourish. Playing a vital role in Plymouth’s cultural, creative and community scene, Oxford Creative Hub benefits many and is leading huge social change.

Young Business Person of the Year

Jasmine Hammond - Blue Sapphire Media

Jasmine Hammond built her business on a foundation of supporting women, social enterprises and charities. Blue Sapphire Media delivers businesses solutions including consultancy, SEO, graphic design, web design and more. Jasmine single handedly founded and built up her business successfully regardless of the many other responsibilities she held, maintaining her strong beliefs of integrity, fairness, quality and respect.

Nathan Morgan - Level Up Football

Nathan Morgan launched Level Up Football Coaching to provide high quality 1-2-1 football coaching sessions. Nathan’s experience volunteering as a grassroots football coach and his sporting qualifications have meant he now has more than 200 customers a week and has created the largest individual coaching service in Plymouth. With six self-employed coaches, it also offers training days and group sessions so that players of all backgrounds can develop.

Richard Evans - The Weld Space

Richard Evans is the director of The Weld Space, a bespoke furniture manufacturing company which specialises in creating high-end metal furniture pieces. Adults can take courses at the open-access facility in basic to advanced metalworking skills, learning to make an object from metal within a day. Richard set up The Weld Space to engage the community in local heritage and meet the growing demand in practical skills-based activities.